Nov. 17, 2021

Cornhole Tournament

Our 3rd Anuual Cornhole Tournament 


As a North Phoenix REALTOR®, I'm always looking for ways to connect our community. Our favorite event of the year to bring our Fireside at Norterra neighbors together is our annual cornhole tournament. We partner with our lender, Josh Heape of Canopy Mortgage and the community loves it! This year we expanded the invite and had 36 teams competing. We're honored to give $1,100 to our designated charity, the Children in Need Foundation.


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Nov. 16, 2021

Phoenix Tops The List For Inventor Buying

Investors Are Still Buying Up Phoenix Properties

Phoenix has been landing on quite a few top-10 lists lately. When it comes to growth in value, our city is a powerhouse. We’ve outperformed most of the country in categories such as average sale price and price per square foot. This has made Phoenix real estate an attractive investment – which, of course, brings out the investors. It should be no surprise that this has caused Phoenix to appear on yet another top-10 list: Cities featuring the highest share of investor buyers. According the, 12% of homeowners here are investor buyers. Whether that’s a good thing depends on if you’re a buyer or a seller. Investors create increased competition for homes, which drives up prices. And they tend to be well-resourced enough to win bidding wars on a given property. Regardless of how you feel about having so many real estate investors, their effect on home prices is real.

Of the ten cities on this list, something interesting stands out. Phoenix tops them all for median list price and median rent. Unlike average prices, which are be skewed by just one super-expensive home (or a super-cheap home), median prices represent of a true midpoint of home values. Phoenix’s median listing price is $475,000. This means that if you take all the homes listed for sale in Phoenix, half of them would be more than $475,000, and the other half would be less than $475,000. And the appeal for investors spans both sides of that median price. “Investor properties” include everything from affordable housing for low-income families to luxury home vacation rentals. 

So, what does all this mean? Growth. Over the past decade, the greater Phoenix metropolitan area has outpaced every other American city for population growth. And there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Whether you measure growth by the number of new jobs, new houses, new businesses, or simply by the number of cranes and construction projects all over town, Phoenix is booming. As long as the sun keeps shining, people will want to live here. And as long as interest rates stay low, buying a home in Phoenix will remain an attractive – but increasingly expensive – option for both homeowners and investors.


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Nov. 5, 2021

Norterra Home For Sale | 2005 W Steed Ridge 85085

Views! Views! Views! This North Phoenix home is nestled at the base on the Sonoran Preserve with gorgeous views and convenient access to miles of hiking/biking trails. With five bedrooms (huge master and additional bedroom suite with full bath), spacious loft, and bedroom/full bath downstairs the flexibility of this floorplan is limitless. Located in the award-winning, master-planned community, Fireside at Norterra, you also have access to resort-like pools, tennis, basketball courts, a fitness center, and more. Come tour this home today!


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Nov. 1, 2021

House Flipping

Phoenix House Flipping in 2021

As difficult as it has been to even buy a house in Phoenix over the past couple of years, the idea of flipping houses might seem crazy right now. Since the initial Covid quarantine ended, homes had been getting snapped up within days – if not hours – of hitting the market. Just finding a house to buy has been difficult. And when bidding wars break out on a property targeted by home flippers, they are left watching their potential profit margins shrink faster than a cotton shirt in a dryer.

You might think this would chase away the flippers. Think again. According to,Phoenix leads the country in home flipping. Interestingly enough, it’s our retirees who are driving this surge. As they transition from their current homes to downsized houses, single-story homes, and retirement communities, it creates a new supply of houses that tend to be older and in need of some updates – a home flipper’s dream-come-true. Couple this with the rising Arizona population, job growth, healthy local economy, and low interest rates, and we have the two things every home flipper needs: supply and demand.

Like any other real estate trend, people naturally want to know how this affects them. If you’re looking to buy a house, this means an increase in competition. If you’re looking to sell a house,this increases your chances of selling your home at (or above) the list price. And if you’re simply a happy homeowner with no intentions of moving, a home flip usually means the neighborhood gets a little nicer and your home value climbs a little higher. That’s a double-win for you.

The median profit on a home flip in Phoenix is $85,500. That’s a pretty good incentive to invest the time, the labor, and the money into buying and reselling houses. As with any trend, nothing lasts forever. But with no foreseeable end to the housing demand in sight, you can expect home flippers to continue making hay as they help drive up home prices, one renovated property at a time.

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Oct. 28, 2021

Virtual Staging

How Do We Make Your Empty Home Stand Out? 



Sometimes you need to move out of your home before it goes on the market. If you think that no one will be interested in your empty house, we've got a solution. Virtual staging does wonders to show potential buyers what your home will look like staged with on-trend furniture and decor. Not only do they see the staged photos on the MLS, we also place printed versions of the photos in the house as well.

Don't let the stress of showings, or the fact that you need to move out first, keep you from listing your home! We've got you covered! 



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Oct. 28, 2021

North Phoenix Market Update

Phoenix Market Update - October 2021 

Curious what our North Phoenix real estate market looks like in October 2021? Today Josh Heape, our preferred lending partner, and I are discussing the inventory of homes available, refinancing, and the overall market as we head toward the end of the year. 

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Oct. 25, 2021

Stoke Interactive | Local Norterra/85085 Spotlight


Overwhelmed by the thought of marketing, video, branding, and everything else you need to keep your business relevant in 2021?

>> Meet Stoke Interactive! They are your one-stop shop for all things marketing and advertising. 

You’re going to want to connect with them to take your business to the next level:





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Oct. 21, 2021

New Apartments In Phoenix - Do They Affect Home Value?

How Do New Apartments Impact Local Home Values?

In terms of home ownership, Phoenix has officially achieved “cool kids” status. If you live here, you’re one of them. And it everybody else is trying to be one of them. And who can blame people from other states trying to get in on the fun?  People are relocating to Phoenix in record numbers, for lots of reasons. For the sunshine. For job opportunities. For the lack of natural disasters. For the low taxes. For the business-friendly economic climate. Phoenix is simply a great place to live – but you already knew that!

While the population growth does wonders for our local economy, there’s one little problem with all these new neighbors: they need a place to live (and we’re in short supply). Anyone who has tried to buy a house here in the Valley over the past year knows the struggle. Demand is high, and there is often a waiting list of people when a property hits the market. With home builders being conservative with the amount of new construction, that opens up the door to more multi-family housing (i.e., apartments).

Homeowners tend to look at any changes to our neighborhoods through the lens of “home values.” More specifically, people want to know how apartments might impact their home prices. This question has been studied six ways to Sunday, and the results vary. In a 2004 study in Oregon, Yan Song and Gerrit-Jan Knaap found that “… housing prices tended to fall with proximity to multi-family residential units.” But a 2005 Yale University study of Boston found that the construction of multifamily housing had “no negative effects” on single-family home values. So, do apartments impact home values? Yes. And No. Clear as mud, right?

The real answer lies in the bigger picture. Apartments, in of themselves, do not cause home values to fall any more than a park, for example, necessarily causes home values to rise. Think of it this way: Is the park a popular family destination - or is it a haven for drug deals and the homeless? The park’s impact on home prices lies in the answer to that question. It works the same way with apartment buildings. There’s a big difference between a run-down tenement and a luxury, resort-style apartment complex. Look around North Phoenix and you’ll see that the rental communities here lean more toward the latter.

If we’re being honest, individual home values will be affected more by that neighbor with the unmaintained house, nine cars, and a yard full of weeds than by some new apartment community that resembles a five-star Scottsdale resort. Remember: we share a community with a dump, a landfill, a hospital, a granite quarry, and a shooting range – typically the types of businesses that drag down home values. As residents, it’s pretty handy having these services nearby. As homeowners, these things are barely a blip on the radar when it comes to home values. So, when you see that that new apartment with the olympic-sized pool and the brand-new fitness center, you can rest easy knowing your home’s value is safe.


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Oct. 1, 2021

North Phoenix News | Local Norterra/85085 Spotlight


Stay in touch with our hyper-local news source ↴
>> To advertise, email the team at
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Sept. 30, 2021

Coming Soon To Fireside at Norterra

Our newest listing coming to North Phoenix in Fireside at Norterra! 



Here's what you're going to love about 2005 W Steed Ridge:


  1. Stunning views of the Sonoran Preserve in Norterra.
  2. Five bedrooms PLUS a huge loft = tons of space for a guest room, home gym, office, and more!
  3. Steps from miles of hiking/biking trails. 
  4. Nestled in the award-winning, master-planned community of Fireside at Norterra - pools, tennis, fitness center, and more! 


Ready to see more? Call or text Shelley 602-421-2324. 



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