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The local community has a reputation for rushing to check out new businesses. So, when Amped Coffee Company opened their doors 90 days ago, they opted for a “soft” opening to help manage the initial rush. It didn’t work. Customers showed up from day 1, and haven’t stopped coming ever since. Amped Coffee Company is the creation of owners Keith and Jeanine Walashek. They wanted to combine their love for coffee with their love of music and create a place where people could meet friends, get some work done, take in a show, or take in a book.

Mission accomplished. 

Keith and Jeanine come from families with restaurant and foodservice experience, which several years ago helped spark their dream of building an amazing coffee house. But with a home full of kids, the long hours and big risks that come with opening a restaurant convinced them to put their coffee dreams on hold until the kids were grown and out of the house. Fast-forward several years later to today: The kids are grown and Amped Coffee is not just a reality - it’s a true family business. Their son, Austin, works there as a barista, event planner, and musician. Keith & Jeanine’s other kids (Dylan and Brittany) are frequent customers, often bringing their own families into the shop. This gives Keith & Jeanine the rare blessing of working amongst three generations of their family.

Jeanine’s background includes 11 years working at ASU – where she still works at her “day job.” Wanting to stretch her gourmet creativity beyond the old cuppa’ Joe at the office, she began experimenting at home with coffees and espresso drinks. She now brings her creativity to Amped - and has even started dabbling in latte art. Keith’s past work life includes years spent doing ship repair on U.S. Naval vessels in a California shipyard. And while welding and working with metal might not seem like a transferrable job skill for a coffee house, much of the inspiration for the décor of Amped Coffee comes from that very same shipyard. Walk in and you’ll notice exposed pipes and ductwork, powder-coated light fixtures, riveted metal wall facings, and even a coffee counter made from a repurposed steel beam. The 2nd floor of Amped Coffee resembles the bridge of a ship, and the passageway to the kitchen is separated by an actual submarine door.

Amped Coffee serves up locally sourced organic coffee and espresso drinks, fresh-brewed tea, and both hot and cold food, plus snacks, and pastries. From the moment you walk in you’ll see that these owners are committed to the process. For starters, they know how to pull a world-class espresso - the foundation of their lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. Their drip coffee and cold brew are perfectly made. Decaf options are more than just an afterthought. Herbal tea - hot or iced - is available straight up, or as the base for something sweeter. Their decaf espresso is a much-appreciated offering for parents whose teens & tweens sip lattes for their Instagram pics (but don’t need to be hyped on caffeine). More than 20 flavors of Torani syrup are standing by for a nearly infinite number of drink combinations and customizations. If you’re interested in not sleeping, order a Code 3 energy drink. Or max-out your caffeine intake with a cold Nitro coffee on tap – so powerful you’ll swear you can hear colors. While the atmosphere is definitely family-friendly, moms and dads can grab a beer, a glass of wine, or even a cocktail. Their selection of beers on tap leans heavily local, and should satisfy even the most hop-happy brew fan. Their thoughtful wine offerings, available by the glass or bottle, venture well beyond the borders of our great state and into wine regions around the world. As impressive as their drink selection is, Amped Coffee doesn’t feel like a “bar.” Keith and Jeanine made a conscious decision to not have televisions there. While that might cost them the game-day crowd, it helps preserve the coffee house vibe they had envisioned. This is a place where people actually talk to one another (what a concept!). Their kitchen more than holds its own, serving up an impressive selection of sandwiches and small plate tapas-style appetizers. And don’t overlook their bakery items, freshly baked each morning onsite. The cookies & cream scone has been described as life-altering. And the bacon & cheddar scone is a considered a game-changer in the world of baked goods.

As the name would suggest, Amped Coffee was built for enjoying music. Rather than retrofitting a room to occasionally accommodate performers, they created a dedicated performance stage. It’s home to acoustic, jazz, blues, and rock artists on Friday and Saturday nights. Seating consists of tables & chairs, coffee bar seats, and lots of comfy lounge seating. Two of the walls at Amped Coffee are actually glass garage doors that open, transforming Amped into an indoor/outdoor space. Fall weather can’t get here soon enough! Their wraparound patio holds 150 people, with a perfect sunset view every day. Not a bad way to end the day – or start the night. Amped is a great local place to rock, talk, work, or relax.

Amped Coffee Company

3434 W Anthem Way Suite 102

Anthem, Arizona 85086

(480) GO Amped

(480) 462-6733