Fireside at Norterra - POINT OF VIEW



Fireside at Norterra has a feature many Phoenix communities don't offer: fantastic views. The neighboring Sonoran Preserve serves as the backdrop for our desert lifestyle. It's not hard to see why so many homes in our community come with view fencing ("see-through" fencing that allows views of the surrounding land). What homeowners lose in privacy, they gain in "viewing pleasure".  And the value of a great view may extend beyond simple emotional value. As a rule of thumb, the better the view, the higher the property value. Exactly how much higher is debatable. In New York City or Malibu, a spectacular view might cost you a small (or large) fortune. Here in North Phoenix you can expect to pay a more modest premium. A great Fireside view might showcase the surrounding mountains, vistas, and cactus fields. Some homeowners, however, prefer the privacy of a cinder block wall. It's all a matter of personal preference.


Here are a few factors for a buyer (or seller) to consider when placing a value on a home's view:


1. Is the view a partial view or a panoramic view? Both can be nice, but are generally of unequal value. 

2. Is the "breathtaking view" only seen from the front yard? Is the picturesque mountain preserve visible from the tub in the master bathroom? Can you see the mountains from the living room or bedroom windows?

3. Is the view protected and permanent? That mountain you see today can easily disappear behind future residential or commercial development. Researching the zoning regulations might give you an idea about what the future holds.

4. Is the view built to last? A single tree on a neighbor's property might grow to obstruct your perfect view of the city.


When it comes to the value of a view, remember that a great view drives demand - which drives pricing. And while it's difficult to quantify how much your view is worth, it doesn't hurt to have a "million-dollar view" (even if you never see that million dollars).