It’s an exciting day for you – the day you choose the new paint color for inside your home. Those pesky HOA rules may have stifled your creativity on the outside of your house, but the interior is about to become your own, personal Sistine Chapel. You walk into the home improvement store and hit the paint department. A wonderland of color swatches, just daring you to paint your living room Cherry Taffy or Periwinkle Bliss. And after living in a beige colored world for so long, the color options can be intoxicating. But before you make that 5-gallon commitment to Forest Moss, you may find it helpful to know the economic implications of your choice.


Recently on 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona, I discussed the effect of paint color on home resale value. Specifically we talked about something called the Blue Bathroom Effect. A nationwide price analysis revealed that homes with a blue bathroom sold for $5,440 more than expected.* This could be a result of current trends, or perhaps the psychology behind the color. Or it might simply be the fact buyers appreciate seeing the world’s most popular color make an appearance in the earth-toned world of master planned communities. Make no mistake – emotions can help drive home sales.


While I’m not planning to move anytime soon, I decided to jump on board and turn my bathroom blue. For starters, I painted the walls Deep Sea Dive (Sherwin-Williams) with an eggshell finish. Although darker colors tend to “warm up” a room, the white toilet, white pedestal sink, and marble shelving still keep things cool. I replaced the flooring with a patterned tile design of blue, white, and grey, and tied it all together with a framed piece of decorative art in a matching color scheme.


The results? “Cool and blue” is nice look, especially with thermometer-busting temperatures outside. With no plans to move, I’m not able to fully test the Blue Bathroom Effect. But I’m pleased with the results. And since I’m the one living here, that’s all that matters! 


My best recommendation is to decorate to your own tastes, but be prepared to paint again when it’s time to sell your home. A $35 can of paint just might be the best investment you’ll ever make.




*Source: Alexa Fiander,