Transformation Tips for Any Bathroom In Your Home 


Are you lost when it comes to updating your home? Do HGTV shows and Pinterest make you feel like your home is completely outdated? Some people are gifted at home decor (you know the ones), and some need a little help to break it down.


Not to worry! We’re tackling a different room each week and showing you a few changes that will transform your space. Simple things to replace, where to shop, …and if you want to gut the place, we’ve got those suggestions too. 


NOTE: These are also the updates we suggest if you need to give your home some love before listing it. 


3 Ways to Update Any Bathroom


* swap out contractor mirrors 

* update light fixtures

* replace cabinet pulls


Ideas to Completely Transform the Space 


* transform that unused tub into a sleek walk-in shower

* replace the vanity countertop and/or cabinets

* paint the cabinets

* refresh the flooring